No Glove – No Lending Your iPhone

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Published on: March 13, 2013

…um…you know…just in case…

And if Steven TYLER thinks you should “wrap it” then maybe…just maybe you should…

New app on the market! New app on the market!!! New creeeeepy app on the market!!!!

Now that I have your attention: There IS a new app on the market for your iPhone. And on the surface it sounds like it could have it’s useful purpose. But…then again…it can also have very uncomfortable applications too…especially if you have a fragile ego.

Click on the audio link to learn more about it…

Condom App (NSFW)

NOW do you know why I suggested covering it..or clean it after use?

Here’s a couple images from the app itself:

Looks like you might have missed a spot with the Windex…

Hey come on…it’s only 99 cents – just the thing for ladies to bring to the bars: “Ok fella…enough talk – slap it on the bar here and let’s see what you’re offering…and how it ‘measures up’…”

…just a thought…

What, you *really* want to get it???

Okkkkkk…’s the link to the iTunes app…you’re welcome.

“Condom Size” from iTunes

(But you gotta promise to tell me about it when you do..!)

Condom App (NSFW)

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