Quiz ~ Keeping the Peace

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Published on: March 16, 2013

Today’s quiz finds you a mere passerby….or are you?

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Quiz- Keeping The Peace

Now…what do child care experts say about interfering?

Damned if I know…I looked all over the place on this here internet and no one’s willing to take a stand. Which is fine…to each their own comfort zone. A Lot think “What if it’s MY child…would I want someone to step in?”…with my kids, it depened on whether or not it was a physical fight – physical fight? Heck yeah you get in there and stop them – my girl’s got a mean hook!

Seriously…if it was an arguement…I say let them go..unless it’s less arguing and more screaming…I don’t keep that much pain reliever in stock…does it seem one or both kids are losing control? There’s a lot of things to consider and hard to make snap judgement…even the vocal ones can be devastating…so I guess if there’s one involved that seems like they’re being ganged up on and calling over doesnt stop them (or get you in trouble for being a perv) I’d grab another adult and ask if they’d give you a hand…

…but that’s just me…

So I guess there really IS no absolute answer.

The articles I read are all based on teaching kids AHEAD of time about how to deal with arguements and such…everyone seems to agree on the idea that kids live what they learn/observe. Parents who tend to “use their words” raise kids who are more likely to talk out their problems. And that’s great – if alllllllll the parents did that…and we know they don’t. So one needs to prepare their kids for what to do if/when they encounter someone who would rather talk with their hands..or fists as the case may be. Which involves playing that fun game “What if…”

I too told my youngin’s that if they are bothered – find an adult. If there isn’t one around or the teacher/supervisor doesn’t do anything (which happens WAY more than it should…just a head’s up) I told my kids (AND the teachers/principals) that they- my kids – have my permission to do what they have to if someone tries to hurt them and no adult will help. Believe me, the school paid attention after that and was more vigiant in watching my kids.

You can disagree with me…I’m in no way a parental expert…I just know what worked in my home.

I’m still wanting a piece of cake…is that wrong…?

Tell me I’m wrong and you don’t want to keep a piece of *this*..???

Oh…and let’s just see what happens when you go from one extreme to another…

Quiz- Keeping The Peace
1 Comment
  1. Marty says:

    Just get yourself a piece of cake and enjoy it!

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