Turtles…Nature’s Horndogs

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Published on: March 18, 2013
They weren’t not just mating…they were part of an orgy…!!

Ok…maybe that was a *tad* bit sensationalistic but come onnnnn…all the cool kids are doing it!!!

Click on the audio to hear more about these Casanovas of the animal kingdom…

Turtle Nookie

But seriously…

There’s a site just south of Frankfurt Germany (Just off the interstate next to the World’s Second Largest Ball of Yarn) that’s known for the more unique specimin of fossil. The Messil Fossil Pit, believed to be a former volcanic crater, has preserved such things as: “early horses complete with embryos and insects and birds with fossilized colors.” In this instance, what scientists discovered were nine pairs of turtles caught in the act of mating (I *told* you it was an orgy – not that there’s anything wrong with it…as long as it’s between consenting adult amphibians…or…um…you know…) which is rather unusual for ANY creature caught in the wild/fossil – they nrmally don’t like to be caught with their pants..er shells…down…

What the scientists theorize is that, based on their knowledge of tutles today (breathable skin), the turtles might have gone in to the water to mate, not knowing the water was toxic (This is just a theory…who’s gonna know what the water was like then?) and when they went in, became poisoned when they submerged to do their business.

It’s rather tragic really…

Oh…and more info on Henry and Alice (You didn’t listen, did you…? Go on…we’ll wait…)

Ook…now that they’ve gone – apparently it turns out that the two weren’t going at it at the time…but he WAS chasing her about…apparently he never learned “No means no” and in his eagerness to take care of the 3 month old “morning wood” knocked over the heating lamp. And while the fire destroyed the conservatory and garage…(which, probably unbeknownst to the insurance company, was probably the same thing) it never reached the house.

Henry probably wanted to do that *thing* that Alice says is only for special occasions….you know the one…

Every spring, my yard becomes a nursary for all sorts of turtles (Even had a Snapping Turtle climb up my front steps!)

This was NOT coming into my house…!

In true Snapper fashion, she decided to stay up there and later int he front yard for several hours causing us to have to use the back door…or pretty much not going out at all…

Here’s the link to CNN where they reported about how turtles shut down runways at JFK during mating season…you gotta check it out not only for the video (and bad jokes told by the anchors) but the audio taken from the control tower while they try to deal with the situation…lol

Turtles Shut Down JFK – CNN

Soooo instead of trying to hard to nail Shredder’s butt maybe all they want to do is meet some turtle Bettys and nail THEIR- um…nevermind…

My thanks not only to CNN, but also to: Science Daily and The Huffington PostScience Daily

Turtle Nookie

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