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Published on: April 2, 2013
My god man – RUN!!!

When my oldest turned 18, he asked if my mother would take him to play Bingo. Time never seemed to work in his favor and so two years pass…so for his 20th birthday Mom to the rescue (Good lord did I just date myself????) And finally he got to go.

First off: he was probably the youngest one there. I’m also proud to say that he was polite, well-behaved, and respectful of the people around us. Secondly: He was the tallest. This point, I have to admit, made me giggle. I knew there was almost no way I’d lose him in THIS crowd. In case you were curious, no – he didn’t win. Came close but never seemed to get thte right numbers. I, on the other hand, won back the money I had shelled out. That’s usually the most I hope for. Win enough towant to keep going…but not too much that I’d think I could make a living with it as a professional Bingo player. (Oh that’s not true…I have those thoughts when I’m at the casino)

He wants to go again and make it a family thing now that his sister is 18 and old enough to attened if she wants…

Why am I sharing this? Aside from showing off how awesome my kids can be, I mean…

Well…perhaps it’s to do a compare/contrast…click on the audio to see who I’m comparing my son to…

Bingo Blunder

This is Austin Whaley from Covington, Kentucky:

Clean cut kid, right?

About a week or so ago (March) he was arrested. He was out one evening with his friends and thought it’d be a hoot to go into the local Bingo hall and yell “Bingo!”

(Sure we’ve all thought about it…but would we do it? Oh hellz no…you do not MESS with the elderly and Bingo…or slot machines…EVERRRRR…)

Well, he did it. And we all know what happened, right? Exactly – the game stopped…there was murmurs and grumbles as players ripped off their sheets to throw away… Then they realized that it was someone’s idea of a joke…that’s when THEIR turn to start hootin’ and hollerin’ and clean cut Austin found himself handcuffed and in the back of a police car.

WHY was he arrested? Disorderly conduct. And because he refused to apologize…he saw nothing wrong in what he did.

Now when he went before the judge, he faced 90 days in jail and a fine of $250. The judgde took it easy on him and sentenced him to 6 months…of not saying the word “Bingo”.

This kid has no idea how close he came to having a record over something stupid…and still refuses to take it seriously…

His mom must be so proud…*sigh*

If that was my kid…the last thing I’d be doing is grinning like an idiot for the camera…my kids know I’d kill ‘em…

Perhaps she see’s herself as the next “Mama June”…?

I’m going home and hugging my kids fofr having more than an ounce of common sense (not to mention good manners) in them…

Bingo Blunder

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