Let’sssss Do the Time Warp (dance) Againnnnn…!

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Published on: November 11, 2013

Yeah…this has nothing to do with it but just take a moment to take in the awesomeness of this Time Lord…

Ok…anyway…As you know (or maybe you don’t…I dunno, but let’s assume you DO know) that on Prima Donna’s I like to have what have lovingly been referred to as “Group Dances”. Sure many listen to the radio as a solo listener or even in small groups…but together, we make up on BIG group..and that’s the group that the dances are for.

Kinda like a flash mob, only more spread out…that makes us even MORE cutting-edge! Damn, we’re cool…

But anyway…it’s occurred to me that while I may or may not know the dances (More often than not I dont…this leaves me flailing about the studio trying to not break things) but I can certainly find out, right? And as always…what I learn, I share with you…

Soooo….let’s start with an “easy” one…

That’s right…just stand there and look um….pretty…..

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (originally a stage play) was released in 1975…didin’t do so well as a “mainstream” film but as a “Midnight Movie” it became one of the most well-known and financially successful midnight movies of all time! Plus, in 2005, the Library of Congress selected The Rocky Horror Picture Show to be preserved for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

I guess they weren’t sure which…only that all the kids were talkin’ about it….

Now if you’ve never been to a Midnight showing…I HIGHLY recommend it…because among the interactions involving toast, rice, water pistols, newspapers, toilet paper, etc…well now y’see…there’s this dance everyone gets up to do…

So…get up….oh just angle the screen so you can read it while you’re doing it…! And thanks to the folks at site, they’ve supplied us with the “step-by-step” steps so that WE can do the Time Warp like a REAL Transylvanian!

1. (It’s just a) JUMP TO THE LEFT, with hands UP.

2. A STEP TO THE RIGHT (Time-Warper ANNETTE FUNICELLO suggests a very WIDE step.)

3.* (With your hands on your HIPS) YOU BRING YOUR KNEES IN TIGHT.

4. (Then) THE PELVIC THRUST (if repeated FIVE times, it nearly drives you insa-a-ane)

5. HIPSWIVEL (if not driven insa-a-ane by step four)


* Those with LIMB DISABILITIES may find it necessary to ALTER or DELETE this action, but NO EXCUSES for alterations to steps four and five.

Just practice a few times, hm…?

Now….are you ready….???

So now next time – nooooooooo excuses…

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