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Published on: January 11, 2015

Now before you get all kinds of hopped up and excited, let me just say: Behave.

Hey...just get those thoughts right outta your head...
Hey…just get those thoughts right outta your head…

It’s not that kind of post, and I’m not that kind of girl…well, I might be…but come on…we barely know each other…

What would the neighbors think..???

Anyway…in the podcast below (Which can also be heard over at you learn a little bit about other things this Prima Donna is involved with…more after the “break”

Well…as I made mention, I’m a 3rd level Reiki practioner. I believe there’s already a post on the topic so I wont bring it up again…not yet at least. This time…somewhat based on the topic, I want to make mention of something referred to as something called “Skin Hunger”

This is Stuffed Derma (skin)...but this is more a hunger for skin - not skin hunger...
This is Stuffed Derma (skin)…but this is more a hunger for skin – not skin hunger…

People now seem more isloated than ever…in spite of the interneet…or maybe because of it. My oldest once said to me: “Mom, I think I live in the wrong time…you guys had it better – you went out and did things..”

"Hold on mom...this is my school's bon fire/pep rally - the more clicks on the fire, the higher the!"
“Hold on mom…this is my school’s bon fire/pep rally – the more clicks on the fire, the higher the blaze…!”

If kids want to hang out, they go online to chatrooms/message boards/play XBox Live…”safe” places where parents can keep an eye on their children… they don’t have to hang at the mall, they can shop online…the stigma of fast food joints, no hanging at the local “malt shop”…why? It’s easier to turn on the computer. There was even a time when teachers *could* give a sad/hurt/frightened child a hug, an arm around the shoulder, a pat in the hand or head… Schools now (to protect our children) prohibit all physical contact between teachers and students…some go further and prohibit contact between students…children kepts in bubbles…isolated…

Now dont get me wrong, there are a lot of reasons to stop the contact…children get hurt…taken advantage of…but that in itself is rare…just the way it’s presented in the news the schools are a hotbed of predators and prey… Schools need to worry less about test scores (Which comes from hiring competent teachers and giving them the materials needed to allow them to do their jobs effectively and help our kids become well-rounded adults – helloooo Art, Gym, and Music? Where’d you go???) and more about our kids..

But this isn’t the topic of the day…this one is skin hunger…

Adults are isolated as well…adults are busy…with work…running kids around to safe, sanctioned, (hands free) activities – spend time at home…relax a bit, then off to bed. Sports leagues aren’t as popular as they were…a few minutes to spare, what are you going to do…go walk outside/down the hall and attempt to make small talk or go online? Weekends? Go to a club? Veg in your pajamas and turn on the computer? Dating…we were told to get out..take up an activity to meet new people…nope let’s turn on PlentyOfFish…OKCupid… and scroll through dozens and dozens of people and even then…no guarantee of success… Our elders are shuttled off to facilities…also deprived of consistant physical contact seem to fade. (Dramatic? Perhaps maybe a touch – no pun intended – but the craving it ignites in us is very real)

We’re shown people in media with rich, touch-filled lives….should we attempt any of their antics – sexual harassment charges, called stalkers, rejected…sadly, it’s safer to stay in our bubbles, isn’t it?

Long story short – people are isolated. Afraid to reach out (unless you’re a perv…then it’s easier and creepier…) people start craving the most simplest of needs: human touch. Skin hunger.

Take a moment…think about the last ‘craving” you’ve had (aside from food stuffs) Has it been for sex? Or something even simpler…a hand to arm around the shoulder…a ‘high-five”…fingers in your hair..?

THAT my friend…is “Skin Hunger”.

The desire for touch…one of the five senses. Contact. It’s’s basic. Studies from WWII with babies in orphanages developed failure to thrive or even died when deprived of human contact. In a classic study by Harry Harlow, newborn monkeys were taken from their biological mothers and given surrogates made of either wire or soft terry cloth. The baby monkeys consistently chose the soft mother even when deprived of nourishment. The need for bonding was that strong.

An excerpt of an article in Psychology Today
“What Lack of Affection Can Do to You”
We’re facing a crisis of skin hunger, and it has real consequences.
Published on August 31, 2013 by Kory Floyd, Ph.D. in Affectionado

In a recent study of 509 adults, I examined the construct of skin hunger—and the social, relational, and health deficits with which it is associated. The results were consistent, and striking. People with high levels of skin hunger are disadvantaged in multiple ways, compared to those with moderate or low levels. Specifically, compared to people with less skin hunger, people who feel more affection-deprived: are less happy; more lonely; more likely to experience depression and stress; and, in general, in worse health. They have less social support and lower relationship satisfaction. They experience more mood and anxiety disorders, and more secondary immune disorders (those that are acquired rather than inherited genetically). They are more likely to have alexithymia, a condition that impairs their ability to express and interpret emotion. Finally, they are more likely to have a preoccupied or fearful avoidant attachment style; they’re less likely to form secure attachments with others in their lives.

All that from keeping your “hands to yourself”.

Put down the phone…shut off the computer/XBox/Wii…give your family a hug, go outside and find something better, healthier (and more satisfying) than virtual reality.

Yes, oddly enough…it IS that simple…
To drive the point home: Rick Springfield – “Human Touch” from his 1983 album of the same name…

Now...who wants a hug...?
Now…who wants a hug…?

Oh gawd…wrong video – that was Georgia Satellites with “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” (So not the message of the posting) I think that makes this an “official show” webposting…!!!!

Now let’s try this again…

Ladies and Gentlemen…Rick Springfield: “Human Touch”

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