Prima Donna Airdate: 02.01.14

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Published on: September 2, 2015

Hey there Prima-teers! This one’s dated back only a year or so juuust after we, in New England, finished up with a nasty cold snap…

Yes, it IS safe to say that many twigs and berries were frozen that winter...
Yes, it IS safe to say that many twigs and berries were frozen that winter…

…later in the show, we had a guest caller in the form of Greg Henry our Broadcasting Ambassador from Australia!

Segment 1:

Lynyrd Skynyrd brings us in…see how bright shiny things distracts me…get your electric guitar moves out for some Deep Purple…Heart Kicks It Out…Aerosmith brags about their Big Ten-Inch…and Steely Dan, George Thorogood, and Gerry Rafferty finish up this first segment of the show…


Segment 2:

Steppenwolf shows us THEIR whole new world on a Magic Carpet Ride…Styx Rocks the Paradise and nearly wipes me out from it! Grand Master Flash offers an alternative idea for magic carpets…you hear a personal revelation…and a special guest is on their way…followed by Tom Petty…Stevie Nicks…The Bluessssss Brothers (Don’t try and fool me – you read it JUST like that too!)…I ramble about American Horror Story and Stevie nicks…and the ever lovely George Harrison escorts us on to the third segment of the show…


Segment 3:

Asia…Nick Lowe explains away bad behavior with “Cruel To Be Kind”…our special guest Greg “Da Hat” Henry and I commiserate over our lousy -and extreme- weather just before he introduces his Awesome Aussie Pick of the show…rounding it up with Phil Collins, Tine Turner, and “Killer” Queen!


Segment 4:

Erasure getting kinky with their “Chains of Love”…Breakdown with Tom Petty…Van Halen stresses out English teachers everywhere when they “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”…Duran Duran…a last minute request from Garrett with Cue Lazarus…and Ending the show with Prince’s contribution to censorship labels: Darling Nikki…


Did I not promise Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five…???

While you look at this picture…try not to think that most if not all of these people are grandparents now…and *might* not be able to pull off those hot pants…orrrrrrr put them on either for that matter…

Just sayin’…

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