Drive-In Movies

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Published on: June 13, 2012

For those who’ve had the experience, can anything beat a drive-in movie on a summer night…? As children, my parents would tell my sisters and I get our pajamas on…throw some blankets or sleeping bags in the back of the wagon and off we’d go…swing by the store for snacks and off we went. The first feature was for us…kid/family-friendly fare followed by something the adults would enjoy (their reward for having to sit through something about happy pink bunnies or lost children in the mountains…) while we “Settled Down” to sleep…

Prices were/are more than reasonable: One price per carload/car space (on average: $20) got you two full-length films. Although some places are charging per person which I find distasteful…you should be paying for the space, not how many sit in the car…but that’s just me.

Where Drive-Ins numbered in the hundreds across the country, the numbers are dwindled down to few and far between. For example: here in Massachusetts at one time had 93 Drive-In theaters…now only three remain. If you ever have the opportunity to go…I say go and enjoy a summer tradition.

(And if you happen to steam up the windows…welllll….*thumbs up*)

OMG – check out these “vintage” (read: “old”) intermission ads they used to show!

And see how they used to entice us to visit the concession stands! (Including a 10 minute countdown so we wouldn’t miss the second movie..) Yes, we DID expecte more from our foods back then…

Check the website in the first comment to find a Drive In near you (Can be used to see how many there ARE and how many there WAS in your state) The website also includes links to the theaters….check it out!!!

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