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Published on: June 15, 2012

Ummm…I’m referring to the pen and ink ones…not the stand up variety(that’s for another post)

This is the Bayeux Tapestry:

…created in 1070’s, this has been considered by some to be one of the first examples of story-telling through sequential pictures…comics!

(Can one count cave etchings though? I mean…there are SOME single panel comics out there too…Marmaduke anyone?)


From the 1070’s we move forward to the Middle Ages and the Biblia Pauperum – a tradition of picture bibles. Words spoken by the figures in the miniatures could be written on scrolls coming out of their mouths. To this extent one might see parallels with the word balloons of modern cartoon strips.

Are you catching on?

Comics have had a long and rich history…

Bet you’re feeling pretty darned good about the stash of Archie comics you have hidden under your bed – and no, I *don’t* want to know why all the Betty and Veronica Double Issues are stuck together…

But anyway…

What brings me to this topic is the new medium of comics. Those who need to feel “cooler” may refer to them as “Graphic Novels” the same way some feel the need to go to Starbucks for a Venti, Single Shot Brew of the Day for $3 instead of a Cumbie’s Regular coffee which would include an espresso – shot all for $1 (and flavor shots can be added for free!) but I digress…again…

More and more comics are making their way online and all I can say is “Yay!” (And you can quote me on that) I’ve been able to discover more new talent than I would have had I relied on newspapers alone!

And now for the OTHER reason for this post: Introducing you to and sharing some of my favorite webcomics…relax…not one of them is about a middle-ish aged woman with delusions of grandeur…that’s been done with Mary Worth.

Least I Could Do
Written by Ryan Sohmer in 2003 and after a series of other artists is drawn/inked (now) by Lars Desouza. LICD is not a PC strip in the least. There’s plenty of bad (meaning damned funny) and sexual jokes and the art work is incredible. Rayne the “hero” is a child in a man’s body and a satyr of the highest order. Some of his comments and desires mirror our own too closely (I too want a Transformer car!) But please….if you decide you like the first one..go back and read from the beginning to see how things evolved…
From This:

To This:

Wrong on soooo many levels....and yet...
Wrong on soooo many levels….and yet…


Looking For Group
Another project Ryan and Lars worked on is called “Looking For Group” (For those who have played Dungeon & Dragons or any type of WoW game will understand the title) The Comic follows the adventures of Cale’Anon and Richard, as well as their companions. Since its launch on November 26, 2006, it has received positive attention from the webcomics community at large. I even bought some merchandise…my statue of Richard is proudly displayed in my bar…

Humor...romance...adventure...and no D20s...unless you buy the game..
Humor…romance…adventure…and no D20s…unless you buy the game..

Guess which one’s Richard…?



Written by Scott Kurtz and launched on May 4th 1998, PvP originally focused on video gaming and general “nerd culture”. Over the years, the humor has broadened to include technology jokes, relationship humor, in-jokes about the generation gaps between the different characters, with gaming increasingly taking a back seat. Sometimes Kurtz will speak of his father’s open disdain for the strip (which I *think* is before that site/tv show “Sh*t My Dad Says”) And the comic has a child-like troll who has a gas problem in it – how cool is that??

Again..if it catches your eye…read from the beginning…

Because again it goes from THIS:

To this


“Local TV weatherman Lou C. Phurr (not the brightest bulb in the newsroom, having once predicted 12 inches of snow during an August heat wave – curiously this turned out to be the closest to an accurate prediction in local weather forecasting in the past sixteen years) has made a deal with the Devil. Well, being as he works in media, he made a deal with the Devil’s “people” but the net result is the same. In exchange for Lou’s soul, he’ll be granted ultimate power.

To help steer Lou towards world domination and ultimately a sulfur-pit-side apartment with a great view of the lesser tortured souls being… well, tortured, the Devil has sent him three imps to serve and provide for Lou’s every need.

While they say the Devil’s in the details, he’s also occasionally out hunting, entering fiddle-contests in Georgia, and has a regular tee-time every Friday morning at the most elite golf courses across the globe. And unfortunately, a combination of mistakes, misadventures and a liberal dose of pepper-spray resulted in the imps ending up in the hands of Luci Phurr, Lou’s daughter.

Now a small girl holds the power to bring about the End of Days… or get that pony she always wanted.”

With that in mind Dale Mettam and Courtney Huddleston Bring you…Luci Furr’s Imps! 20091014-prow1s1

Yep…start from the beginning…


Wayward Sons 20100531.html

Imagine the myths and legends we grew up learning about were true…but those we knew as our mighty gods, goddesses and heroes (and villians) were from another world and a happenstance of fate (not to mention a crashed spaceship)…?

Benny Powell explores that reality with his creation “Wayward Sons”, with it’s launch in June 2010.

Now…do these look like gods to YOU…???


There’s even a “local” one I’ve become addicted to: Questionable Content

From the QC site “Questionable Content (or “QC,” as it is frequently abbreviated) is an online comic strip that is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.” The artist, Jeph Jacques, does his business (the comic strip…don’t be rude) over in Easthampton, MA…like I said a local.

What’s not to love? There’s coffee! Romance! Gaming! No cute or psychotic animals, but AnthroPCs!

Ook…gotta read from the beginning though…not only to get a clue about the storylines, but see how the art has evolved…from this:

Into THIS:

AND He and his wife have bunnies!


Now it’s YOUR turn…give your impressions or submit a few of your own to share (or for me to consider…I’m always looking for new things to read…)

Worst blog post…EVER…!!!

(And you just read that in his voice…lol)

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