Well It Looked Good On Paper…

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Published on: August 24, 2012

Summertime…or what’s left of it…time to get in those last minute vacations, but in this economy, what can you really afford these days? We’re all trying to make the most of things…stretching our dollars to get the most for the least.

Remember that movie with what’s-her-name with the boat, and that chick from There’s Something About Mary? “The Holiday”…you know…two complete strangers swap homes for a vacation. Hilarity and romance ensue. All is well. The End.

Damn, we should ALL do that!


There’s a website called AirBnB (www.AirBnB,com) that would allow you to rent other people’s homes for vacations! OR! Or…allow other people to rent yours! Put that unused space to work! OMG…someone pays YOU to house sit your home! Why isn’t EVERYONE doing this??

Oh yeah…here’s a reason why:

“Vacation Home Nightmare” or “They Did What In my Bidet???”

Yes…soooo…what had happened was that the owners of the apartment set up the rental through AirBnB…came home from their month long trip to discover that the police had been to their home to raid it…and how was Madrid? Yes, they had received an official note from the police, sent in the mail, stating that they had raided the apartment last weekend after trailing two prostitutes back to that location. The prostitutes were described as dressing as if they were on a business trip.The “working girls” were not FROM Ireland as originally reported….but they had FLOWN in from Ireland – see the difference? Do you care? Nah, me neither…

But the report went on to say that they were clean girls…they picked up all their used condoms and stored them in a bag….which was found by the apartment owners…along with a lot of a certain type of hair…

Excuse me…I need to go wash now…with bleach and several brillo pads…

Time for some happy thoughts…

Happy CLEAN thoughts…

Anything CLEANER????

Ohhhhh yeahhhhh….*much* better…
"Vacation Home Nightmare" or "They Did What In my Bidet???"
1 Comment
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