As If One Vice Wasn’t Enough…

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Published on: September 14, 2012

…I have *got* to do more traveling…

One thing about history…as nice and clean as it can be made…dig deep enough and all the good parts you REALLY want to know about just rises to the surface…

Whiskey row in Louisville Kentucky

(105-119 West Main St.) 
The area originally called “Whiskey Row” was named this because of the buildings Cast Iron facades and the many whiskey businesses that began there. The historic Whiskey Row Block, at 101-133 West Main St., is a row of attached buildings built approximately between 1852 and 1905. Architects include Henry Whitestone, John Andrewartha (City Hall) and D. X. Murphy (Churchill Downs). Many were built and used by pork dealers and whiskey companies. The L& N Railroad Co. and Belknap Hardware Co. also had headquarters in the buildings.

These properties located on the north side of the 100 block of East Main Street are in varying levels of deterioration. An investment group led by Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown has been working to move forward with development of the buildings. There has been a significant increase in the amount of funds necessary to preserve these buildings and recently Ms. Christy Brown and Mayor Greg Fischer and Metro Council President Jim King have made financial pledges towards the project.

What does this mean? Simply put: Louisville has a nice old section of town they want to fix up and preserve as part of it’s rich and varied history. Then demolition began in August…

(Thanks to WHAS Channel 11 in Louisville KY for the film footage….sorry about the beginning ad)


How’s the Louisville Historical Society gonna put a spin on THIS??

Ok..after that story aired, someone came forward to shed light on this discovery…

(Is it me, or does the news anchorwoman look nervous…?)

..I think Joe wants to join…

Did you notice that the paintings once called frightening and disturbing are now suddenly ok and are going to be preserved as art…you know…since they’re really replicas from famous artists and NOT smut from deranged people…

Damn…all I ever find are book clubs…

And what better way to cap this story with another scandalous tale…Frankie Goes to Hollywood

On a kinda related note…for those who know about Orbs in photographs:

This was one of the pictures from the original news story:

Can you see the orbs in the picture…?

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  1. those aren’t orbs, they are dust on the lens. if you notice, the picture has no depth of field meaning everything is in focus from the front to the back, so the dust on the lens will be out of focus just enough where you see the particles as “orbs”

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