When Cars Go Bad…

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Published on: December 3, 2012

We love our cars, dont we? We clean them, polish the chrome…give them names. Just like the old days with horse and riders…they’ve become an extension of ourselves. (I know without mine, I actually feel like I’m going through withdrawl symptoms)

In books and movies the connection is exploited through good avenues:

Who didn’t want a ride???

Aaaand through horrifying ones:
And here I bet you thought Christine was the only one, right…?


Anyone remember “The Car”…?

You can click on the audio below to hear the story of a car that has that “touch” of evil…

Evil Car

Perhaps this is NOT something to be found in the pages and reels of fiction…

Meet 52 year old John Crider:


One Friday night back in August he borrowed his friend’s car…a 1996 silver Ford station wagon

Just imagine it in silver, ok?

So..he borrow’s his friend’s car…what does he do? SOMEthing made him decide to drive to a Walmart parking lot…and started huffing from a can of dusting spray. Then he passed out. In case you dont know what “huffing” is:

1. To puff; blow.
2. To make noisy, empty threats; bluster.
3. To react indignantly; take offense.
4. Slang To inhale the fumes of a volatile chemical or substance as a means of becoming intoxicated.

Thank you TheFreeDictionary.com

It’s definition #4 that we’re looking at in this case…it’s also illegal.

The police found him still passed out in the car. Yes he WAS parked: halfway in a handicapped space…and half on the curb. The officers proceeded to wake him up. Now: what would most people do when woken by the police do? That’s right…act as “normal” as possible. Not John – he put the can to his mouth and “huffed”.

While the officers searched this seemingly harmless car they found almost $14,000 in cash, and something called “Scooby Snax Potpouri” which apparently is fake pot or spice. After being taken to the hospital, checked out, and cleared wellll….needless to say: he was arrested. (AND 3rd time being booked)

Now…meet Denise DeHart Isaacs-Hall:


She went to the police station to pick up her car. she was back a few hours later. For some reason she decided to go back to the SAME Walmsrt and shoplift “101 items valuing $1201.00″ (The manager who was actually paying attention got the plate number and called the police.) The police pulled her over, saw the items in the back of her car (naturally she didn’t have the receipts for anything back there and was promptly arrested.

In the SAME parking lot as John.

In the SAME car.

If they DON’T use the “the car made me do it” defense I’m gonna be really disappointed…

Ohhhhhhh the horror….the horror….!!!

Different people commit different crimes hours apart using same parking lot, same car

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