Soooo…you wanna know more about me, do you…?

Definitions of a PRIMA DONNA:

1. A first or principal female singer of an opera company. (Literally “First Lady”)
2. A Diva. (A *real* one, not one of those self-entitled, scale-shrilling, hand-waving’s…)
3. A vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of a team


Ok, maybe that is..or isn’t me…

I wasn’t sure about this part, but as one of my friends said: “It couldn’t hurt, right?


I’ve been hosting (hostessing?) “Prima Donna’s” for five years (OMG…that’s right – has it REALLY been that long???), back when I was a Junior at UMass – Amherst. Even though the show times have varied, I’ve always held a spot on Saturday nights as early as 3pm – 5pm…and as late as 2am – 4am (Always wondered who I ticked off for *that* time slot!)

Before you ask, I really believe radio is NOT on it’s way out. Satellite is popular, efficient, you get what you want – and that’s all. There’s no surprises, no sense of connection to another human being, and even no feeling of having company…that other voice in the room/car.

And that’s why I *love* doing the show! Finding something that might not have been played much recently, an old song or movie clip that might make you laugh or invokes a memory…I have a great time doing the research on music and performers. I’ve been introduced and re-introduced to so many great bands and types of music from my friends and listeners through calls and emails (not to mention some really interesting conversations!)

Plus, I’m a talker…ok, fine. I’m a babbler. Combine that with a head full of useless information, a slightly off-kilter sense of humor, and a bit of a wise-ass mouth – where else but in the realm of radio would all that be appreciated???

If that’s STILL not enough about me…fiiiiiine….
Here are some basics:

I’m well over 21 years old, 5’5.5″ tall, weigh more than I should. As widowed mom of two teens, two cats and a house bunny, this accounts for my ever-changing hair color. I’m a 2010 graduate of UMass with degrees in Communications and Psychology, a 2002 graduate of Middlesex Community College (stop giggling) with degrees in Business Admin., and Liberal Studies, and a Level III Reiki practioner. (See? now you know I’m more than just a pretty face with killer legs.)

Anything else?

Well…you’re just gonna have to wait and see…

  1. Deborah says:

    r u the #2 definition??? lol love ya

  2. Michael G says:

    your voice matches your personality! Love em both!!!

  3. Michael G says:

    I am here vfor my prima donna dose!!!

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